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The Golden Cat

The Golden Cat
The Golden Cat grounds

The Golden Cat is a former bath house turned high-class brothel located in the city of Dunwall. It is run by Madame Prudence and frequented by the Pendleton Brothers as well as Art Dealer Bunting.

The building itself consists of main levels with themed rooms, a steam room on the lower level and a dormitory for working girls on the top floor.

Items of noteEdit

Ground floorEdit

Second floorEdit

Third FloorEdit

Map locationsEdit

Map of the exterior:

Map of the exterior
  The Golden Cat
  The Captain's Chair Hotel

Map of the interior:

Map of the interior
  Location of map on the wall
  Main Entrance
  Steam Room
  Silver Room
  Ivory Room
  Second Floor
  Smoking Room
  Gold Room
  Madam's Office
  Third Floor



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