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Dishonored 2 missions

Pointer.png Mission StatsEdit

After each competed mission, the Mission Stats are shown onscreen for the player's information. These include:

  • Hostiles Killed
  • Civilians Killed
  • Alarms Rung
  • Dead or Unconscious Bodies Found
  • Overall Chaos (Current Total)
  • Didn't Kill Anyone
  • Ghost (Never Detected)

  Special ActionsEdit

Special actions are also listed. These include all primary and optional tasks which have been completed before the mission is finished.


This list shows the number of collectibles found during the mission, as well as the total available. These totals do not include extra runes which can be received from completing specific but optional tasks.

  Runes Found
  Bonecharms Found
  Outsider Shrines Found
  Blueprints Found
  Paintings Found
  Coins Found
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