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Serkonos one of the four islands in The Isles, an archipelago located off the northwestern coast of the Pandyssian Continent. It is the southernmost of the four islands and home to Corvo Attano and Daud. Cities on the island include:

In-game description[edit | edit source]

Serkonos, the jewel of the South, is best known for its warm winds, spiced foods and endless beaches. While the city of Cullero sees the heaviest flow of travelers from across the Isles, Karnaca, on the Southernmost edge of the known world, is preferred among the elite of the Empire. It is said that a month spent resting beneath the sun on the beaches of Serkonos, or within one of the rural villages, can cure most maladies. Travelers bring back recipes and styles from the south, and the dances that all Serkonans learn in their youth are favored in Gristol for their sensuality, copied by the fashionable aristocracy in the capital city of Dunwall.

The only persistent trouble in Serkonos originates along the string of tiny islands stretching away from the mainland to the East. For generations, pirates have hidden among this archipelago, raiding traders passing between the Isles, and more recently, attacking whaling ships returning with rich stores of oil.