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Runes are made from carved chunks of whalebone. They are resources which are found throughout the city of game world. They can more easily located using the Heart which was given to Corvo by the Outsider at the beginning of Dishonored. They are used to acquire supernatural powers which help Corvo complete his missions.

Pointer.png In Dishonored 2[edit | edit source]

The first rune available in Dishonored 2 is found in the Void after Emily's first encounter with the Outsider.

A Strange Visit[edit | edit source]

Edge of the World / Dockyard Quarter[edit | edit source]

8 [1] runes total:

  • 1 rune Black Market shop, 400 Coin or looted
  • 1 rune on the platform by the Karnaca Enclave where the Overseer is preaching
  • 1 rune in the sewer, beyond the grate at the west end of the canal (tricky to get)
  • 1 rune inside the mouth of the whale carcass on the docks
  • 1 rune inside the safe in the Vice Overseer's office on the third floor of the Karnaca Enclave
  • 2 runes on the Outsider shrine in the apartment across from the Enclave

The Good Doctor / Addermire Institute[edit | edit source]

6 runes total:

  • 1 rune mounted on a plaque on a pillar next to a small table in the guard area by the Dining Hall
  • 1 rune in the Recuperation area in the Bloodfly nests nearest the elevator shaft
  • 1 rune in the Lost and Found, with Vera Moray's Belongings
  • 1 rune in the small room above Hamilton's Quarters (reachable by exiting hamilton's quarters and using Far Reach / Blink to get to the open shutter above the door)
  • 2 runes on the Outsider shrine in the second last private room on the fourth floor, west wing

The Clockwork Mansion / Aventa District[edit | edit source]

6 runes total:

The Royal Conservatory / Cyria Gardens[edit | edit source]

6 runes total:

Dust District[edit | edit source]

5 runes total:

  • 1 rune in the derelict apartment below Meagan's hideout
  • 2 runes on the Outsider shrine in Paolo's Apartment
  • 1 rune inside a chest in the Confiscation room of the Overseer Outpost
  • 1 rune in the quarantined (bloodfly-infested) building on the second floor

A Crack in the Slab / Aramis Stilton's Manor[edit | edit source]

4 runes total:

  • 1 rune inside the flooded room off the basement, in the present (1852) timeline, after fixing the valve
  • 1 rune in the photography studio, in a crate by the window, in the past (1849) timeline
  • 1 rune on the second floor above the entrance, near an empty safe, in the present timeline
  • 1 rune in the scaffolding outside the Stilton Manor in the altered present timeline.

The Grand Palace / Palace District[edit | edit source]

5 runes total:

Death to the Empress / Tower District[edit | edit source]

5 runes total:

Pointer.png In Dishonored[edit | edit source]

Hound Pits Pub visit #1[edit | edit source]

3 total:

  • 1 after the first mission, received from the Outsider
  • 1 near the sewer grate by the dock near the Hound Pits Pub
  • 1 rune can be purchased from Piero for 500 Coin

High Overseer Campbell[edit | edit source]

7 total:

Hound Pits Pub visit #2[edit | edit source]

2 total:

House of Pleasure[edit | edit source]

5 total:

The Royal Physician[edit | edit source]

5 total:

Lady Boyle's Last Party[edit | edit source]

3 total:

  • 1 rune on the Outsider shrine on the second floor apartment on the same side of the canal as the guard tower in the Estate District
  • 1 rune underwater at the west end of the canal
  • 1 rune in the Basement Vault of the Boyle Estate, inside the chest

Hound Pits Pub visit #5[edit | edit source]

  • 1 rune for dueling Lord Shaw, received from Lord Pendleton
  • 1 rune for not killing all the Boyle sisters, recieved as an anonymous gift from a surviving sister
  • 1 rune from Emily if Corvo finds her for Callista

Return to the Tower[edit | edit source]

4 total:

The Flooded District[edit | edit source]

  • 5 total

The Loyalists[edit | edit source]

The Light at the End[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. 2 of the 10 runes listed in the end of mission stats screen are actually from "A Strange Visit"