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This note is found next to the body of one of the less fortunate intruders in the Jindosh Mansion, next to a bonecharm.

Content[edit | edit source]

To whoever might find this,
Are you trapped? I know only too well your situation. You see, these are my last words. I have found a spot away from the clutches of those things, but for what? I have no food, no water, and now I grow weak. If there was a chance of escape, then I have missed it. Even writing this note saps any strength I had left.

I thought I could beat this contraction, this terrible house, this thing that Jindosh built. But it has beaten me. If only I had thought to bring water, or a morsel of bread.

And so I say goodbye to you, my reckless friend. Perhaps you too will die here. I'm sorry for that. If I become a ghost, then I will try to help you. Otherwise, fare thee well.

Stanislaw Shepherd,
juggler, magician, thief, braggart, and sure, a fool

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