Edge of the World

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Edge of the World
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 Game Dishonored 2
 Quest Giver
 Location(s) Dockyard Quarter
 Reward (lethal)
 Reward (non-lethal)

 Go to Addermire Institute
 (Optional) Locate the Black Market Shop
 (Optional) Get Help from Mindy

Special Actions

 Black Market Heist
 A Fresh Grave
 Hypatia's Apartment
 Try to Unlock Me
 The Nest Keeper
 Push Comes to Shove

 Runes Runes 8 [1]
 Bonecharms Bonecharms 6 [2]
 Outsider Shrines Outsider Shrines 1 [3]
 Blueprints Blueprints 2
 Paintings Paintings 4
 Coins Coins 3834
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A Strange Visit The Good Doctor

Find Addermire Station, and take a carriage to Addermire Institute. It is the best lead you have for tracking down the "Crown Killer".

Objectives[edit | edit source]

Go to Addermire Institute[edit | edit source]

Go to Addermire Institute, eliminate the Crown Killer, and search for Anton Sokolov's whereabouts. To reach Addermire Institue, take a carriage from Addermire Station.

  • Go to Addermire Station - Find a way to get to Addermire Station, where you can take a carriage out to Addermire Institute
  • Get past the Wall of Light - Find a way to get past the Wall of Light security device
  • Use the CARRIAGE

(Optional) Locate the Black Market Shop[edit | edit source]

Locate the black market shop in this district, where you can buy ammo and useful resources.

(Optional) Get Help from Mindy[edit | edit source]

Special Actions[edit | edit source]

Black Market Heist[edit | edit source]

Obtained the black market shop key from the bloodfly-infested apartment.

A Fresh Grave[edit | edit source]

Snatched a body for Mindy Blanchard.

Hypatia's Apartment[edit | edit source]

Explored Doctor Alexandria Hypatia's apartment in the city.

Try to Unlock Me[edit | edit source]

Won the safe shop contest.

The Nest Keeper[edit | edit source]

Put down the Nest Keeper in the bloodfly-infested apartment.

Push Comes to Shove[edit | edit source]

Saved the merchant from incineration at the Wall of Light.

Mission Clues[edit | edit source]

Mindy and the Electrified Tracks[edit | edit source]

Mindy disabled the electrified tracks leading to Addermire Station. They're safe to walk along now.

Reminders[edit | edit source]

Note: The content of this note is randomized

Vice Overseer Byrne's note mentioned: Lying Tonue, Errant Mind and Restless Hands.

Lying Tongue is Stricture 2, Errant Mind is Stricture 7, and Restless Hands is Stricture 3.

Mission Items[edit | edit source]

Blueprints[edit | edit source]

Bonecharms[edit | edit source]

Paintings[edit | edit source]

Runes[edit | edit source]

  • 1 rune in the whale carcass on the docks
  • 1 rune can be purchased or looted from the Black Market Shop
  • 1 rune on the table next to the Overseer pontificating on Canal Square beside the Karnaca Enclave
  • 1 rune inside the safe in the Overseer's office on the third floor of the Karnaca Enclave
  • 1 rune at the west end of the canal, inside the sewer
  • 2 runes on the Outsider shrine in the apartment across from the Enclave

Achievements[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. 2 of the 10 runes listed in the end of mission stats screen are actually from "A Strange Visit"
  2. 2 of the 8 bonecharms listed in the end of mission stats screen are actually from "A Strange Visit"
  3. The second shrine listed in the end of mission stats screen is actually from "A Strange Visit"