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Portrait of Corvo, by Sokolov

Corvo Attano is the protagonist of "Dishonored" and one of two protagonists in "Dishonored 2". He is a native of Karnaca, the southernmost city on the island of Serkonos. At the beginning of the first game, he is the former trusted Lord Protector and confidante of the Empress who has been framed for her assassination. He also has a warm relationship with the Empress' daughter Emily.

Over the course of events in the first game, it is revealed that Corvo is actually Emily's father and this influences the second game's narrative to a great extent.

Pointer.png Physical description[edit | edit source]

  • Height: 6'4"
  • Eye color: Dark Brown
  • Birthdate: 25th Day, Month of Nets, 1798
  • Birthplace: Karnaca, Serkonos
  • Voice actor: Stephen Russell

Pointer.png Corvo's powers[edit | edit source]

  • Blink – Corvo’s teleportation skill. When upgraded allows Corvo to slow down time.
  • Dark Vision – Allows Corvo to see enemy movement through walls.
  • Devouring Swarm – Corvo unleashes a swarm of wild rats that attack enemies and eat corpses.
  • Possession – Corvo can jump into the body of a rat and scurry through tunnels. When upgraded, he can also posses bloodflies and dead bodies. A further upgrade allows possession of a living human.
  • Bend Time – fully stop time but when it's upgraded you can advance it a little bit as you go

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