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The default keyboard mapping for Dishonored 2 is as follows:

Action PC controls PS4 controls Xbox controls
Key mapping Alternative key mapping
Forward W Up
Backward S Down
Strafe left A Left
Strafe right D Right
Jump Space
Stealth mode C
Spring Left Shift
Lean (hold) Left Alt
Lean left (toggle) Q
Lean right (toggle) E
Use/Sheathe weapon (hold) F
Sword Mouse 1
Use power/weapon Mouse 2
Block Left Ctrl
Spyglass Z
Quick-access wheel (hold) Mouse 3 Caps
Next shortcut item Wheel up
Previous shortcut item Wheel down
Health elixir R
Mana elixir T
Journal J
Quick-save F5
Quick-load F9
Shortcut 1 1
Shortcut 2 2
Shortcut 3 3
Shortcut 4 4
Shortcut 5 5
Shortcut 6 6
Shortcut 7 7
Shortcut 8 8
Shortcut 9 9
Shortcut 10 0