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Clockwork Soldiers, concept

Clockwork Soldiers were invented by the Grand Inventor to the Duke, Kirin Jindosh. He uses them to guard his mansion. There are nine Clockwork Soldiers guarding the mansion. There are also Clockwork Soldiers found prowling around The Grand Palace in the eponymous mission and Dunwall Tower in Death to the Empress. They are able to detect movement visually directly in front or behind them, but not to the sides. Shooting their heads off prevents them from searching by sight and enhances their hearing. Without a head they do not have a way to discern friend from foe, and will indiscriminately kill anyone near it that makes a noise.

Every Clockwork Soldier has a small numbered metal plate which can be collected after they have been destroyed.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • They can be rewired to switch their perception of friend and foe. The panel for rewiring is on their right thigh.
  • The wooden parts are the most vulnerable. Their heads are relatively easy to hit which at least leaves them with only sound as a clue to your location.
  • They are quite vulnerable to Stun Mines; in particular, Stun Mines with the Stun Mine Charge +1 upgrade.

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