Aventa District

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Map of Lower and Upper Aventa District

The Aventa District is located on the west side of the city of Karnaca, north of the Santiago Fisheries. It is divided into an Upper and a Lower district which are joined by a rail carriageway and adjacent to the Jindosh Mansion, which has its own carriage stop.

Points of interest[edit | edit source]

Lower Aventa District[edit | edit source]

The lower district consists of a few mainly self-contained areas:

  • the west Apartment block (when exiting the sewers, block I2E on the map}
    • the first building after the sewers / carriage maintenance area is red and draped in canvas with the words "Keep Out" painted on. It is accessible via a second floor balcony or the ground level door.
      • On the ground floor is what appears to be a liquor store (inaccessible).
      • The second floor is what appears to be an abandoned doctor's office. It is full of bloodfly nests. There are some Sleep Darts next to a body on an examination table and a book.
      • The third floor houses an Outsider shrine with 2 runes.
    • The second building is blue and can be entered via the third floor balcony in the alley next to the station.
      • The ground floor exits in the back alley. There is a shop (Rowsin Seafood) which is inaccessible, but out front is a table with 2 springrazors and a piece of raw whalebone.
      • The second floor is an office with a cash register, a note and a safe (a partial combination is on the blackboard nearby) which contains 2 Silver Ingots, a Lucky Sphalerite and a book.
      • The third floor balcony leads to an apartment containing a painting, a map and a black bonecharm.
  • the east Apartment block (when exiting the sewers, block E5N on the map).
    • Only one apartment is accessible, it is on the third floor and can only be entered via the balcony facing the street. Inside is a painting, a medal, a letter and a bonecharm.
  • Aventa Station and the plaza in front of it.
  • Pawn Shop Area, a small square behind the station, by an abandoned pawn shop.
  • Black Market Shop area north of the station plaza (block N7S on the map and the area adjacent to it).
    • There is a beggar in the northwest corner of the area in front of the Black Market Shop who will give you information about the planned heist if you give him some coin.
    • The building adjacent to the shop (to the north) is infested with bloodflies. It can be accessed via a fourth floor balcony.
      • Other than bloodlfies and nests, there is not much of interest on the second through fourth floors.
      • The first floor appears to be a derelict shop and has two pieces of Tyvian Ore and provides access to the basement
      • The basement is where 2 women are planning the heist. On the boxes just inside the door is the Apartment Gate Key. One of the women is carrying a letter.
  • Sewers / Meagan Foster and her skiff

Upper Aventa District[edit | edit source]

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